Pro Wicks CDN 4 (Stabilo) 150mm Long Pretabbed

澳洲 Pro Wicks CDN 4  (Stabilo) 已過蠟平織棉芯 150mm Pretabbed
澳洲 Pro Wicks CDN 4  (Stabilo) 已過蠟平織棉芯 150mm Pretabbed
澳洲 Pro Wicks CDN 4  (Stabilo) 已過蠟平織棉芯 150mm Pretabbed

Pro Wicks CDN 4 (Stabilo) 150mm Long Pretabbed

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Engineered for professional chandlers, made with the finest raw materials in the world from Germany and the USA, Pro Wicks are coated in a special blend of priming wax which has been rigorously tested to enhance rigidity during pouring and burning , and to promote an even burn time. All Pro Wicks are pre-tabbed assemblies and promote a very slight curl whilst burning which helps to produce a ‘self-trimming’ effect and to help prevent mushrooming, excess smoke or soot or drastic wick movement. Pro Wicks suit a variety of different types of candle waxes and applications including tea lights, votive candles, pillar candles and container candles.

Length: 150mm
Burn Diameter: 39mm - 40mm
Tab Size: 15mm (Dia) x 3.8mm (H)
Recommended Wax Type: Palm wax, paraffin wax, soy wax, coconut wax.

CDN Wicks possess a flat braid style and are compatible with more types of wax than the HTP range. One of their main advantages is that they offer enhanced rigidity and burning properties for natural waxes and are also zinc-free. Whilst they tend to be a little more versitile than their HTP counterpart, they also tend to be a lttle more vulnerable to ‘mushroom’ (gather as a carbon ball) as they burn, requiring a trim after each burn.

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