Palmarosa (Motia) Pure Essential Oil

玫瑰草(摩提亞)精油 Palmarosa (Motia)
玫瑰草(摩提亞)精油 Palmarosa (Motia)
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玫瑰草(摩提亞)精油 Palmarosa (Motia)

Palmarosa (Motia) Pure Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Cymbopogon martinii var. motia
Origin: India
Cruelty Free; Vegan Friendly; Non-GMO
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This Palmarosa essential oil has a smooth, fresh, grassy aroma with mild rosy-geraniol and delicate citrus zest top notes. It comes from the same botanical family as Lemongrass and Citronella and is native to India and Pakistan. Palmarosa is truly underappreciated for both its complex aroma and the generally beneficial properties inherent in this arrangement of molecules.
It is useful in skincare, particularly for dry or imbalanced skin, and for this reason is exceptionally beautiful in facial serums and soaps. When blended in a cream or lotion it can be very beneficial to dry or oily skin, especially good for teenage and mature skin. When blended in a carrier oil it makes a nice refreshing massage which can be a nice boost. It is thought to help relieve fatigue and calm nerves and stress as well as providing a boost to the digestive system and the skin. An uplifting oil which can help bring clarity to a confused mind when burned or vaporised.

植物學名稱 Botanical Name: Cymbopogon martinii var. motia
常見別名 Common Name: Indian Geranium, Rosha, Rosha Grass
稙物部位 Plant Part: Leaves
萃取方式 Extraction: Steam Distilled
來源地 Origin: India

香氣類別 Scent Type: Herbaceous
香調 Aroma Note: Middle Note
香氣特徵 Aroma: 香甜玫瑰花香

Cruelty Free; Vegan Friendly; Non-GMO

常用方法 Common Use:
Palmarosa Essential Oil is a great oil in Aromatherapy to calm a sense of urgency, emotionally or physically. On a daily basis, add 1 drop of Palmarosa Essential Oil in your day cream will regulate sebum secretion, hydrate your skin and help regenerate skin cells. Due to its powerful broad-spectrum antibacterial property, Palmarosa Essential Oil is especially useful in cases of mycotic, scarring and eczematous skin conditions. Use it to reduce skin germs, purify and protect irritated areas, or massage oil to comfort sore muscles and joints. This excellent, inexpensive oil is ideal for the production of soaps, various cosmetic products, massage oils, home breathing mixtures, body refreshments, bath oils, perfumes, incense, and for the scenting of towels and other linen.

保存方法 Storage:
Store in a closed container at a dry and cool place. Away from direct heat and sunlight. Refrigeration is not necessary.

注意事項 Contraindication:
Possible sensitization in some individuals. recommend a maximum dilution of 3% for topical applications.

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