Haiti Vetiver Double Distilled Pure Essential Oil Natural Fixative

海地岩蘭草雙重蒸餾精油 Haiti Vetiver 天然定香
海地岩蘭草雙重蒸餾精油 Haiti Vetiver 天然定香
海地岩蘭草雙重蒸餾精油 Haiti Vetiver 天然定香
海地岩蘭草雙重蒸餾精油 Haiti Vetiver 天然定香
海地岩蘭草雙重蒸餾精油 Haiti Vetiver 天然定香

Haiti Vetiver Double Distilled Pure Essential Oil Natural Fixative

Botanical Name: Vetiveria zizanioides
Origin: Haiti
Cruelty Free; Vegan Friendly; Non-GMO
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The most exquisite vetiver in the world is grown on the island of Haiti, this is a scented, thick, golden oil with an elegant and smoky aroma, is highly prized in the fragrance industry for its intensity and natural synergy with other raw materials. The intensity and complexity of aroma makes this an outstanding base note possessing a very lush drydown.
It is one of the most commly used perfume fixative, an effective base note that holds lighter top notes to the skin. Vetiver is in itself an extremely healing oil to the body and the mind. It is often used in aromatherapy and skin care for its long-lasting aroma and earthy, calming qualities.
Double distillation entails subjecting Vetiver roots to two extraction processes, the first via traditional steam distillation. Followed by second extraction via molecular distillation, aiming to increase vetiverol content. Molecular distillation also produces a lighter colored oil and a refined, super smooth Vetiver aroma without any rough edges. Vetiver essential oils, much like Patchouli and Sandalwood oils, undergo chemical transformation and improve with age, making them very good base notes and fixatives in natural perfume and incense formulations.

植物學名稱 Botanical Name: Vetiveria zizanioides
常見別名 Common Name: Vetivert, Vetyver, Ruh Khus, Khus Khus
稙物部位 Plant Part: Root
萃取方式 Extraction: Steam Distilled
來源地 Origin: Haiti

香氣類別 Scent Type: Woodsy
香調 Aroma Note: Base Note
香氣特徵 Aroma: 煙薰泥土木甜味

Cruelty Free; Vegan Friendly; Non-GMO

常用方法 Common Use:
Haiti Vetiver Essential Oil is used in aromatherapy to promote a focused environment and a calm, relaxing atmosphere. It is good choice for treating insomnia, soothes the mind, eases anger, and reduces Irritability. It can help promote a balanced skin tone when added to lotions or carrier oils and is an ideal base note in any aromatic blend. It is a popular ingredient for masculine body care products.

保存方法 Storage:
Store in a closed container at a dry and cool place. Away from direct heat and sunlight. Refrigeration is not necessary.

注意事項 Contraindication:
Possible sensitization in some individuals. recommend a maximum dilution of 3% for topical applications.

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